🆕Dapp Updates

Planned updates for our current utilities. This page will be updated as we continue to roll out more utilities.

Planned updates for the smart contract auditor:

  1. Implement additional security checks and tests to improve accuracy: The auditor will undergo an update to include more comprehensive tests and security checks. This will ensure that the auditor can detect even the smallest vulnerabilities that could compromise the smart contract.

  2. Generate a structured report in PDF format: Currently, the auditor generates a report in text format. However, there is a plan to create a more user-friendly and structured report in PDF format. This will make it easier for users to understand the results of the audit and take the necessary actions.

  3. Incorporate machine learning algorithms for higher accuracy: 0x0 plans to incorporate machine learning algorithms into the auditor to improve accuracy. This will allow the auditor to learn from previous audits and adapt to new threats and vulnerabilities. With machine learning, the auditor will become more reliable and effective in detecting issues with smart contracts.

Planned updates for the privacy mixer:

  • Improved Efficiency: 0x0 plans to optimize the code of the privacy mixer to make it more efficient and faster. This will not only improve the user experience but also reduce gas costs for transactions.

  • Integration with Other DEXs: 0x0 is planning to integrate the privacy mixer with other decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to offer users more liquidity and trading pairs. This will enable users to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities without sacrificing their privacy.

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