Q1: Launch Phase

  • Release the smart contract auditor to the public

  • Launch the $0X0 token on Ethereum network

  • Offer training and support to developers and investors using the auditor

  • Introduce the Privacy Mixer feature, allowing users to mix their transactions for added privacy and security

  • Launch the beta version of the privacy DEX aggregator

  • Conduct a marketing campaign to increase awareness and adoption of the platform

  • Conduct an audit of the smart contracts and Privacy Mixer to ensure their safety and security

Q2: Adoption Phase

  • Roll out updates to increase reliability and accuracy of the AI auditor

  • Increase marketing efforts to attract more developers and investors to use the auditor

  • Add more cryptocurrencies to the Privacy Mixer for increased functionality and flexibility

  • Build partnerships and collaborations with other blockchain companies and projects to increase the reach and impact of our ecosystem

  • Conduct further marketing campaigns to increase user adoption

Q3: Expansion Phase

  • Update and improve ecosystem dApps based on user feedback and new developments in the blockchain space continuously

  • Introduce the AI bot that front-runs suspicious transactions to avoid getting rugpulled

  • Launch governance platform for the $0x0 token holders to vote on proposals and participate in decision-making

  • Explore new use cases and applications for the technology

  • Expand partnerships and collaborations to increase the reach of 0x0

Q4: Maturity Phase

  • Keep improving all our dApps and add new features continuously

  • Launch the all-in-one AI-powered Developer Hub for smart contract creation, deployment and testing

  • Explore opportunities on other chains

  • Foster a strong community around the 0x0 ecosystem

  • Continue expanding marketing efforts to attract new users to the platform

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